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Achieving the best results through the expert combination of the correct professionals

A coordinated single-point approach that maximises efficiency, quality and value in terms of investment, design and construction.

Conceptual project

Is the conceptual development of the object, which includes the basic ideas, volumetric — spatial composition, style, color and technical and economic indicators. On its basis, the customer can calculate the size of investments in the construction or renovation.

Compound of conceptual project:

— Measurements of space, photographing
— Functional zoning of the premises
— Artistic and stylistic interior concept (selection of existing analogue)
— Sketches of interior (3D-visualization paid separately from 7-10 € / sq. meter of floor space)
— Planning decisions with furniture and equipment
— Plan of lighting arrangement
— Selection of basic building materials and furniture
— Lighting concept

The Cost of conceptual design is calculated from the total area of the premises and style direction. From the modern to the classic style with the rising cost of the project in a big way.

Working project

is a complete stylistic, planning solution — package of documentation, developed on the basis of Conceptual project. It contains all the information necessary for its implementation. The working draft is the basis for budgeting repair.

Compound of working project:

— General data
— Explanatory Note
— Tonnage plan
— Circuit of dismantling partitions
— Plan of building partitions
— Plan of premises after redevelopment with dimensions
— Plan with furniture and equipment
— Floor plan with binding flooring materials
— Arrangement of electrical heating underfloor
— Plan of ventilation and air space
— Plan of lighting
— Plan switches (indicating work luminaire groups)
— Specification of lighting equipment
— Placement plan rosette groups
— Plan of binding of plumbing
— Specifications for doors, partitions, built-in wardrobes
— Cuts and elevations of the the walls in rooms
— Drawings of custom-made products according to the author’s design (if it necessary)
— Statement of decoration (recommendations)

For construction and finishing and repair works developed a working draft for builders and contractors with exact dimensions of furniture and equipment and wall anchors, specifications of materials, furniture and equipment.


Alex Vas Design Studio’s understanding of architecture resides in the creation of the fine art and methodical science of designing buildings and spaces that will have a profound improvement on people’s lifestyles.

Our architecture is uniquely matched to each project, but always seeks to combine beauty and meaning by placing people at the center of each design.

Interior Design​

Architectural design and Interior design are indivisible, the one is the consequence of the other, therefore all our interior designers are also licensed architects, ensuring not only the functional and aesthetic appeal, but also the technical resolution of any detail.

We believe in providing bespoke interior designs that target who the client is, developing always a ‘leitmotiv’ with an aesthetic and functional value that is focused specifically on his lifestyle and way of living.

Landscape Design

The world changes at an unprecedented pace, the connection between people and nature is being reconsidered, and the key is Landscape Design.

At LUV Studio we strive to enrich the relationship between natural and built environments, taking into consideration the practical, aesthetic, and environmental sustainability as the main components in any design.

Project Specialties

A large list of specific project specialties are also provided to satisfy the most demanding requests, including among others:

– Smart House Systems
– Energy consumption
– Private Security
– Audio & Video integrations
– Sport Equipment
– Wellness areas
– Wine cellars
– Home cinema
– Entertainment areas
– Styling and Art


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